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Priceless Marketing Insights

Meet The Experts


Shaqir Hussyin

Built 3 million-dollar businesses by 25 years old, top 3 affiliate in 2 opportunities, email marketing expert.
  • The most impactful, mind-altering business success quote that others paid as much as $30,000 to learn.
  • What are the 2 most powerful words in your email subject line to get more of your emails opened, and more commissions in your account.
  • How to connect with your prospects with different "modalities" to skyrocket your conversions.
  • And more...

Tim Erway

8 Figure Producer, email marketing expert, and Co-Founder of Elite Marketing Pro.
  • Why 'only' focusing on "traffic" will NEVER produce you an income (and what you should focus on first and foremost)...
  • Why ____ _______ is still the #1 source of revenue and new customers.
  • The 3 conversion points that will convert more of your traffic into leads, and your leads into sales.
  • And more...

Brenda Gagne

Marketing trainer, Co-founder of Results513, and stay at home mom
  • How to create success faster by avoiding the busy work and focusing on what's important...
  • The secret to being 3x-10x more profitable in your business without having to put in any additional effort...
  • Why having a BIG email list is a BAD idea, and why even DELETING leads from your list can actually HELP your email marketing efforts.
  • And more...

Carolina Millan

Multiple-six figure earner, social media consulting, and video marketing expert.
  • Multiple-six figure earner, social media consulting, and video marketing expert.
  • How to deal with haters and get over the fear of using video to generate sales...
  • Why video marketing trumps blogging all day long...
  • What is the best video length, so more of your viewers watch, engage with, and finish your content.
  • And more...

Adam Maggio

#2 Recruiter in Fortune 500 company, Founder of Digital Recruiting Academy
  • Why sales recruiters will ALWAYS make more than top sales reps...
  • The secret to MULTIPLYING your income instead of just "adding" to your income.
  • Simple tips to running successful recruiting meetings, and how to bring in the RIGHT people.
  • And more...

Ann Sieg

Multi-millionaire and 3x best-selling author, and Founder of Ecommerce Arbitrage.
  • How to completely avoid worrying about traffic by leveraging ecommerce platforms that already have the traffic you want!
  • How to use a well-oiled webinar selling system to consistently close high ticket sales...
  • A simple strategy to increase your conversions on coaching and consulting services...
  • And more...

Aaron Rashkin

25 year industry veteran and Top 10 income earner with his company
  • How to attract the RIGHT prospect into your funnel...
  • How to condition your leads to purchase NOW so you can earn commissions and get an ROI on your advertising sooner.
  • The secret to converting more sales by adding perceived value to your product, service, or opportunity.
  • And more...

Meet Your Host


Adam Holland

A full-time internet marketer since 2008, he went from unemployed to UNEMPLOYABLE. He's generated over 4 million dollars in revenue, over 3 million visitors, and over 500,000 leads for him and his clients.

He's created over 20 of his own information products, including ebooks, video courses, coaching programs, membership sites, and more.

He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and 2 kids.

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